Congrats, ASD!

I got it. Message received loud and clear. ASD wins!!


Now, that they know they have people actively spreading the word about their misdeeds, they want to recruit! Yes, of course, let’s pass a bill that will allow them to actively recruit!

What about OUR kids? In 10 years, when the contract is up, where will our children be? Left in the lurch?? Oh well, we tried! Will they be behind in community college? Hummm…

Research shows that poverty is the biggest factor in education. I can see that, to an extent. In my opinion it’s home training. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. We have to raise our kids. We have to let them fall so they can learn to pick themselves up. We will not always be there. We have to teach them life skills at home. Education should begin in the home in the first place. We cannot leave it up to the schools to do these things. These are OUR babies.

As far as public vs. charter; It’s YOUR choice. I see flaws all around! I had been looking into charter’s because of what I had heard to be happening at NBMP. They,however, got a fabulous principal in place with a fresh staff to turn this school around. I wanted to see this effort. What I did see was a bright staff that were eager to teach and love our kids.

I don’t think ASD takeovers are the answer. I think supporting and funding our neighborhood schools is the answer.


Are we funding a School District or a PR Firm?

By Mr. Weber.

Dad Gone Wild

chrisThis week I got the results back from a open records records request I made with the state of Tennessee’s Achievement School District. It’s taken a while for me to fully digest them. The Tennessee Achievement School District was created as one of the latest tools of the reform movement to destroy our public education system. They are in the midst of taking over a local middle school here in Nashville, and I wanted to get a behind-the-scenes look at exactly what their plans are, the research they’d done, and how they planned to turn around this so-called failing school. I expected to get reams of independent research, emails filled with pedagogy, and an examination of just how they would staff this new school. Since they were only taken over fifth grade, I thought maybe there would be some discussion on the impact that would have on the other grades. Surely…

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Mom vs ASD

Short background on me~ I am a resident of Madison, TN. I grew up down Neely’s Bend and bought our home here, as well. I am a mother of three children. Two boys, nine and seven, with a one year old baby girl. I grew up in these schools and loved my experiences. Neely’s Bend Middle is not just a school but a part of our community. It has now been taken over by the ASD and handed over to LEAD Public Schools. I’d like to point out the misnomer…LEAD is NOT a public school. But, way to go trying to disguise that. LEAD is a charter school that isn’t bringing anything to the table, instead they are taking. Taking our children’s education and self-esteem. Taking taxpayer money. Taking spirits. Taking schools. Criminals.

Why I fight~ I fight this for so many reasons. I fight for our children. I fight so that they won’t have to be belittled if they aren’t the most talented or as advanced as some others. I fight so that they will have an equal chance at a great education. I fight because I believe in our school and our children. I fight for our brilliant teachers. We have fresh teachers there. The school has been in a turnaround effort and it exudes through their warm embraces and never wavering character to ensure our children are getting a quality education while in this transition. I fight because I can distinguish right from wrong.

So, if you have been wondering who I am and what I’m fighting for, there ya go. I have no hidden agenda. I’m not getting a check or running for office. I’m a mom. Plain and simple.

“Public” School Segregation

I loved going to school as a kid. I actually enjoyed most of my days at school. I went to Neely’s Bend Elementary, Neely’s Bend Jr. High, and Hunter’s Lane High.

Not to brag, but I didn’t turn out like an over-privileged brat. Which leads me to my point, how can you segregate a school and not have one side feel superior? Let me share the things I’ve been told. I’ll start with the things that burn me up the most.

1) I was told when your child enters a charter (LEAD), they test them. If they aren’t testing on grade level, then they put them in the grade that they tested in. For example, If your child is in the 8th grade and tests on a 6th grade level, they remove the child from 8th and send them back to 6th. So, let me get this straight, if I have a child that doesn’t “test” well they get separated from the children they grew up with and placed back where they tested? How is that not detrimental to the child’s success? Would that kid not think that they were inadequate? That is the message that is sent.

2)They have underlying ways to raise their scores. First, see above. Second, they can make them wear different color shirts (for behavioral problems, academic, etc) so other kids can make fun of them. So, we are teaching our kids to bully? If your child was a lower performing child (to their standards) and came home in tears from having to turn their shirt inside out or put on a different color, how many times would you wipe their tears before getting them OUT of that school? Boom, you just did the work for them.

~Sidenote~ There was a Brick Church LEAD teacher at the meeting at Neely’s Bend. She yelled at a 5th grade girl for accidentally stepping on someones foot. The student apologized, not even knowing what had happened. The teacher continued to yell at said child. Her grandmother, whom was my Sunday school teacher at church when I was growing up, asked the teacher to stop and please let her or the child’s mother address what had gone on. The teacher got in her face. Security had to come over. All I could do was hug the grandmother and child. They were shaking.

It scares the crap out of me to even THINK about these situations. I have a child with ADHD, he would be one of those “picked on”, so forgive me if I get a little overheated. I would be that mama down there everyday. Not to volunteer, but to observe.

*These are my thoughts only. Don’t be ugly and I won’t either.*

No Thanks ASD

When I began this journey, I was so ignorant. Ignorant to everything that didn’t “affect” me. Not to sound heartless, just being honest. I’ve learned so much on this short journey, however I feel compelled to be “in” for the long haul. Since everything seems to limit what I can say, I’m going this route.

Ok, now my issues with the ASD.

1) They are not improving and doing what they state they do. As a matter of fact, Lead (the charter ASD slated to takeover Neely’s Bend) was issued a notice of academic concern by MNPS, citing that it is NOT meeting academic performance expectations.

2) If their intentions were to be true and they wanted to help these lower performing students, they would help those particular students that would be entering into high school. Problem here, Hunter’s Lane isn’t on the list. Neither is Neely’s Bend Elementary or Amqui Elementary, however these students will be the ones affected by this takeover.

3) The community is still unaware of what is going on now. See, only 4th grade parents were informed and MAYBE received a visit. When I brought this to Elliot Smalley’s attention at the meeting at NBMP his reply was “That’s a good idea. We should have thought of that.” I mean, REALLY?!

Why doesn’t Neely’s Bend get a chance to turn around after being on the “list” for the first time and at the top of the “list” for that matter? Good question. My gut tells me it’s the land. Neely’s Bend is approx 28 acres that include football field, baseball field, and not to mention tennis courts. Also, we are kinda secluded down here, so other schooling is limited.

To wrap it up, less than 2 weeks was not enough time to get the word out to all of OUR familes. I am trying to do that now. WE CAN NOT JUST CLOSE OUR EYES AND PRETEND THIS ISN’T HAPPENING. IT IS. WE NEED TO BE PRO-ACTIVE, NOT RE-ACTIVE.

*These are my personal thoughts. Don’t be ugly. Be respectful and I will do the same.*